WordPress Vulnerabilities Database

WordPress Vulnerabilities Database made to collect and systematize all information about vulnerabilities found in WordPress software products. The database contains records about vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and WordPress itself. Need to mention that service includes information about free and premium WordPress plugins and themes.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

Moreover, ThreatPress database contains information about the vulnerable version or versions of the software, the type of vulnerability and other necessary information. All references to the data sources used to compile each database record and more.

To make information clear enough even for inexperienced users we added the standard classification of vulnerabilities based on OWASP Top Ten Cheat Sheet, also we added corresponding CVE ID for each vulnerability registered in CVE database.

Now all the features and data of the ThreatPress Database are readily available via ThreatPress Security plugin for WordPress. Our WordPress Security Plugin has an integrated ThreatPress Database API so it could always retrieve the latest data and make more precise checks.

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WordPress Vulnerabilities Database