WordPress Security Plugin by ThreatPress

WordPress Security Plugin by ThreatPress is a lightweight yet powerful solution to keep your WordPress website safe. We’ve put all features of the ThreatPress Database of vulnerable WordPress products and ThreatPress Sitescan scanner inside just to make these services more accessible.

ThreatPress Security Plugin uses both our API’s to access data from ThreatPress Database and ThreatPress Sitescan. It’s the main secret why this plugin is so lightweight and lightning fast. We wanted to reduce server resource usage to a minimum, and we succeeded. Moreover, we’ve put several WordPress security functions to add extra armour to your site.

ThreatPress Security Plugin features

  • You can check your WordPress core, plugins, and themes against ThreatPres Database of vulnerable WordPress products. The plugin can check plugins manually on your command and periodically by making checks in the background.
  • A parallel scan performed using the ThreatPress SiteScan API will check your site status against several databases like Google Safe Browsing, Phishtank, Malware Domain List and Spamhaus-ZEN. It is much more convenient than using these tools separately one by one manually.
  • Core integrity test designed to check all the WordPress core files of your installation. Since it verifies the checksum of every file, there’s no way to put any malware to any of the WordPress core files unnoticed.
  • You can perform all checks manually at any time, or you can use the scheduled scanning option. If you want, the plugin will send all alerts to you by email. Also, you’ll find here login lockout function, and this feature secures your site from brute force password picking attacks. Password expiration management and more.

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ThreatPress Security Plugin for WordPress