ThreatPress Site Scanner

Site Scanner is a service designed to check any website on several systems simultaneously. Site Scanner makes several queries and checks submitted site through Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Malware Domain List and Spamhaus ZEN. Also, it checks several other things related to your hosting server. This service makes it easier to monitor the status of your site.

Site Scanner tests

  • Google Safe Browsing – service lets check sites against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources. Sites of social engineering, phishing sites, sites with malware and other harmful sites.
  • PhishTank – service lets us check your sites against PhishTank regularly updated the database of websites involved in phishing actions. This test complements the results of Google Safe Browsing phishing test.
  • Malware Domain List – provides a list of websites identified as malware spreading sites. This test complements the results of Google Safe Browsing malware test for more accurate results.
  • Spamhaus-ZEN – Spamhaus fights against spam and other cyber threats for more than 18 years. This test checks the given URL against SBL, SBLCSS, XBL and PBL blocklists.
  • Other tests to check out the status of your hosting server and more.

Now all the features of the ThreatPress SiteScan are easily accessible via ThreatPress Security plugin for WordPress. Our WordPress Security Plugin has an integrated ThreatPress SiteScan API so it could always retrieve the latest data and make more precise checks.

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Site Scanner