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ThreatPress is a cyber security company focused on WordPress security services and products. We offer top-notch WordPress security solutions for small and mid-range businesses.

Our expertise allows us to provide a full range of tools to harden WordPress sites, help you to repair hacked sites and defend attacks on your site.

We invite you to try our free services like WordPress Vulnerabilities Database and ThreatPress SiteScan.

WordPress Vulnerabilities Database is a continuously updateable database of all vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins, theme and core. It’s a great way to check your WordPress software and to avoid potential hazards.

ThreatPress SiteScan universal scanner allows you to scan your websites against several databases of sites marked as potentially dangerous due to involvement in malware spreading, social engineering, phishing, spamming or other illegal or dangerous actions.

Check out our blog for the latest news about WordPress security and latest WordPress security solutions trends or alerts.

SiteScan Report

ThreatPress SiteScan makes its debut online

SiteScan is a universal malware, blacklisting status, phishing, injected spam scanner. Scanner combines data from several systems to make an extensive scan and to provide the most accurate results. To be more precise it uses data from Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Spamhaus-ZEN and Malware Domain List. Moreover, SiteScan scanner runs several tests to check out […]

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WordPress REST-API

WordPress REST API vulnerability makes a tremendous impact on thousands of websites

WordPress REST API got it’s first nasty kick. Latest WordPress security release rolled out on January 26, 2017 (WordPress version 4.7.2). At first, changelog claimed that WordPress Security Release 4.7.2 fixes only three issues. Weak authentication and session management when users without required permissions can access Press This function and assign taxonomy terms. This issue […]

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WordPress Security Updates

WordPress Security and Maintenance Release – 4.7.2

WordPress Security and Maintenance Release 4.7.2 is now available on WordPress.org site. This release patches several vulnerabilities found in WordPress core. This update is relevant to all older WordPress versions. As always, we recommend not to ignore WordPress Security and Maintenance updates and update your sites as soon as possible. WordPress Security release 4.7.2 key […]

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Nine steps to strengthen your WordPress login page security

One of the most frequent attacks your WordPress site will suffer is the brute force attack. Automated software will try and access your site by guessing your login credentials. If you let them, these programs will repeatedly try to login to your site and gain administrator access. If that happens, then your are in trouble – admin access will allow a malicious individual to do more or less whatever they want on your site. It’s not a small problem, every day there are millions of brute force attacks on WordPress sites. (more…)

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