How long does site scanning take?
This depends on how many files are on your server. File sizes also affect the scan time. In most cases, scanning will take only a few minutes. By the way, the very first scanning process may take a little longer.
I have a highly modified old WordPress version site, can you check it out?
Yes, we can check such site. But keep in mind that when a WordPress core is modified, the scanner can trigger on modified files since one of its tasks is to check the integrity of the WordPress core files. You can disable WordPress core integrity checker to avoid the alerts caused by your modifications.
It says I have vulnerable software on my site. What should I do?
Don't panic. Vulnerable does not mean malicious. Our scanner detected a vulnerable version of WordPress core, WordPress plugin or template. Usually it's enough to update the release of the vulnerable software, otherwise, we will inform you that there is no fixed version of that particular software and we will recommend deleting the vulnerable software for security reasons.
I have a lot of plugins, can there be incompatibility issues?
No, our plugin is not intrusive. The only parameter that can cause interference with other plugins is the web application firewall - WAF. We recommend using only one web application firewall to ensure stable website operation.
Will my site slow down?
We use cascading principle of file scanning, which guarantees that we do not scan what is not needed. It should also be noted that the scanning performed by our servers, so your website server resources are not used noticeably.
My site's database contains sensitive data. Are they safe?
Currently, we are not scanning databases. Our service focuses on file scanning, identification of vulnerable WordPress software (plugins, themes or core) and other parameters related only to the file server.
Are your services suitable just for WordPress sites?
Yes, our services optimized only for WordPress sites. To provide high-quality security monitoring and hardening services, we focus only on the WordPress content management system.
Do you offer refunds?
At this time, we are not offering refunds because we use specific resources such as server CPU time purchased from third parties to provide our services (scanning, integrity checking and other). For each user account, we reserve some of the resources in advance to ensure the quality of our services.