About Us

Foreword by the company head

ThreatPress was incorporated by several like-minded partners at the beginning of 2017. This was a natural response to the market changes. The recurring security issues and attacks on the WordPress websites was a thrust to focus our capacities and knowledge of several other security experts on the right course. We have already designed a number of free WordPress security services and products. I believe in what we do, trust all our team members and their competence. I have no doubts that the security solutions we create will help thousands of people and companies.

Darius Sveikauskas

Our Mission

We seek creation of high-tech security products and services for WordPress websites that are accessible to all. Our aim is to protect the WordPress community from more frequent attacks of both blogs and business-oriented WordPress websites or e-shops. We want to protect you and your customers, their privacy and data, as well as your time and reputation. We are ready to address these challenges and respond adequately to them. We stand for secure Internet and its freedom.

Our Mission

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