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ThreatPress is a cyber security company focused on WordPress security services and products. We offer top-notch WordPress security solutions for small and mid-range businesses.

Our expertise allows us to provide a full range of tools to harden WordPress sites, help you to repair hacked sites and defend attacks on your site.

We invite you to try our free services like WordPress Vulnerabilities Database and ThreatPress SiteScan.

WordPress Vulnerabilities Database is a continuously updateable database of all vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins, theme and core. It’s a great way to check your WordPress software and to avoid potential hazards.

ThreatPress SiteScan universal scanner allows you to scan your websites against several databases of sites marked as potentially dangerous due to involvement in malware spreading, social engineering, phishing, spamming or other illegal or dangerous actions.

Check out our blog for the latest news about WordPress security and latest WordPress security solutions trends or alerts.

ThreatPress Security Plugin for WordPress

ThreatPress Security and Monitoring plugin updated (version – 0.9.3)

ThreatPress Security and Monitoring recently updated. We have added a new tab – “Diagnostics”. This tab gives you some information about the state of security related parameters and settings. The plugin will check these points of your WordPress security configuration. ThreatPress Security diagnostic tab Salts and security keys check on your WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php). […]

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Google Dorking or Google Hacking

Google Dorking can expose your WordPress site vulnerabilities

Google Dorking or Google Hacking is a search technique which involves advanced operators to craft specific search queries. These search queries could provide SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) with a list of vulnerable sites. Exploitation of the Google Search Engine makes it possible to look up for sensitive data and vulnerable websites without special software […]

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ThreatPress Security Plugin for WordPress

WordPress security plugin by ThreatPress available on WordPress.org

Finally, we have the first version of our WordPress security plugin, and it’s now available to download at WordPress.org plugin repository. ThreatPress security plugin hardens your WordPress by applying several active and passive safety measures and tests. The plugin is lightweight, fast and very powerful. It has three different scanners to check your site and […]

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SiteScan Report

ThreatPress SiteScan makes its debut online

SiteScan is a universal malware, blacklisting status, phishing, injected spam scanner. Scanner combines data from several systems to make an extensive scan and to provide the most accurate results. To be more precise it uses data from Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Spamhaus-ZEN and Malware Domain List. Moreover, SiteScan scanner runs several tests to check out […]

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